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Premium e-liquid by 88vape

COLA ICE e-liquid by 88vape

Refreshing bubbly cola mixed with menthol for an even more refreshing twist.
Available to buy in your vaping shop in Spain, with immediate delivery throughout all Europe.

88vape vaping liquid and electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

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COLA ICE 88vape

Coca Cola mixed with menthol

Shortfill 50ml


High VG: 25%PG / 75%VG


88vape vaping liquid and electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

by 88vape


COLA ICE: Refreshing bubbly cola mixed with menthol for an even more refreshing twist.


Affordable vaping products, but with premium quality.

Perfect vape liquids for vapers looking to get great flavor and big clouds of vapor at lower prices.

Liquids to vape with the highest quality standards in the United Kingdom.


88vape Premium e-liquid


Why choose 88Vape?

It is the UK's largest manufacturer of vaping liquids that puts customers first, creating a culture of honesty and commitment to delivering value and quality, doing everything possible to ensure vaping products that support a healthier lifestyle at those who decide to quit smoking.

Wide variety of fruit shortfills, including H-Blue, dessert, menthol and sweet.

The best quality vaping products at low prices.

We promise you won't be disappointed.


Can I vape this liquid directly without adding anything else?

If you want a 0mg nicotine e-liquid, you just have to vape it directly; you don't need to mix it up.

If you want to make it into a nicotine e-liquid, open the cap and add one or two nicokits. Then put the top and lid back on and give it a good shake to mix for a few minutes. It's best to let it sit for an hour or two, but if you're in a hurry, there's nothing wrong with using it right away, just make sure it's mixed well.


What does this liquid contain? It is safe?

Like all of our e-liquids, they contain only 3 main ingredients: PG, VG, and flavorings. All ingredients used are pharmaceutical grade or food grade, giving you peace of mind knowing there are no hidden substances like diacetyl or pulegone.

Each batch is tested and controlled to ensure it meets 88vape's quality, safety, and flavor profiles.


Are these vape liquids suitable for vegans?

Yes, 100%


COLA ICE Shortfill is a 50ml liquid format, which always comes without nicotine to which nicotine must be added, if desired, with Nicokits: they are 10ml bottles that come with 20mg of nicotine.

This format is advisable for those vaping 0mg of nicotine (can be used directly or add 10ml of base to 0mg), 3mg of nicotine (must add 1 Nicokit) or 6mg (adding 2 Nicokits).


What is a Nicokit and how to use it?

How to prepare a vaping e-liquid in BOOSTER format?

50ml Booster liquids contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml capacity bottle, so that there is enough space to add 1 Nicokit.

Nicokits are 10ml bottles with different concentrations of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin up to a maximum of 20mg/ml.

Preparation for use without nicotine:

You can use it directly without diluting (it will have more flavor), or you can add one NicoKit 0mg nicotine or add 10ml of Base 0mg.

How to add nicotine to vaping e-liquids?


To obtain your e-liquid at 1.6 mg/ml add 1/2 (5ml) NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 3 mg/ml add 1 1 NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6 mg/ml add 2 NicoKits of 20 mg/ml

NicoKit to add Nicotine

(Click here)


60ml PET bottle, dropper stopper, tamper-evident cap and child-resistant closure (according to ISO 8317).

Manufactured in the UK by 88vape.


E-liquids are highly sensitive to heat and light. For this reason we store the bottles in optimal conditions of light, temperature and humidity.

Vaping liquids are also affected by extreme temperature changes – never leave fluids in your car on a hot or cold day.

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COLA ICE eliquid 50ml (BOOSTER) - 88vape

COLA ICE eliquid 50ml (BOOSTER) - 88vape

88vape e-liquids in Spain and Europe. Distributor and online sale.


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