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Booster CBD SHOT by Marie Jeanne in Spain

Create your own CBD e-liquids with Marie Jeanne's CBD Booster SHOT. Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from marijuana without THC, allowing you to enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabis without psychoactive effects. Elevate your vaping experiences with Marie Jeanne's Booster CBD SHOT, available for purchase at your vape store in Spain.

Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana Spain Europe

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Booster CBD SHOT Cannabidiol (CBD)




500mg - 1000mg - 1500mg CBD

Do not contain nicotine



by Marie Jeanne


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Booster CBD SHOT by Marie Jeanne:

Make your own CBD e-liquids with the Marie Jeanne CBD Booster. This shot is made in France and is available in various strengths, so you can create an e-liquid with the CBD dose of your choice.



Enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabis without psychoactive effects.


Choose your CBD concentration:

10ml of Booster contains 500mg, 1000mg or 1500mg of Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from marijuana, without containing THC*.

* THC: psychoactive compound in marijuana.


How to use the Marie Jeanne SHOT CBD Booster

This CBD SHOT Booster is not ready to vape. It must be diluted in a neutral base or nicotine-free e-liquid.

This shot has no flavor. If you dilute it in a neutral base, you will also need to add a concentrated scent to create a flavored e-liquid. This CBD enhancer is compatible with any concentrated flavor.

With what type of base should I use this CBD Booster?

The selected e-liquid or base must contain a high proportion of Propylene Glycol (PG) for the CBD Booster to dissolve properly.

A liquid or base with too much Vegetable Glycerin (VG) will be too thick to vape with CBD. Ideally, you should go for an 80%PG/20%VG or 70%PG/30%VG ratio.

What do I need to make my own CBD e-liquid?

To prepare your CBD e-liquid with this CBD SHOT Booster, you will need:

A neutral base (or an e-liquid without nicotine)

Concentrated aroma (if you have used a neutral base)

A syringe (to add just the right dose)

Empty bottles (to store your e-liquid)

How to know the doses to make your Liquid with your Booster?

To know the doses to create your E-liquid with your CBD Booster + the base + your aroma, you must first:

- Determine the desired CBD concentration,

- Choose the concentration of your Booster (500 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg),

- Choose the amount of liquid you want to prepare (your empty container).

SHOT Marie Jeanne CBD Boosters are sold in 10 ml:

- The 500mg booster contains 50mg / ml

- The 1000 mg booster contains 100 mg / ml

- The 1500 mg booster contains 150 mg / ml

Example of CBD Booster dosage:

To make a 300 mg concentration liquid in a 10 ml container, you will need, for example:

- 6ml of Booster CBD SHOT 500mg (6x50mg = 300mg)


- 3ml of Booster CBD SHOT 1000mg (3x100mg = 300mg)


- 2 ml of Booster CBD SHOT 1500 mg (2x150 mg = 300 mg)

The rest of the bottle should be filled with the base and the aroma.

Tip: Do your calculations from a 10 ml bottle and then multiply the amounts. For example, a 50 ml bottle contains 5 times more liquid than a 10 ml bottle, so you must multiply the amounts of CBD Booster by 5 to make your mixture in a 50 ml container.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Marie Jeanne's Cannabis E-Liquids are created with certified hemp grown in Europe.

Marie Jeanne produces unique creations made of the best quality hemp subjected to molecular extraction procedures that guarantee a high quality product and do not harm the environment.

The plants are harvested entirely by hand. Only flowers that meet strict quality criteria are selected. Then comes a natural drying process at temperatures below 35 ° C. Once the hemp flowers have dried, the extraction process can begin.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


The CBD molecules and terpenes that are used to make Marie Jeanne e-liquids are fragile and therefore should not be vaped at too high a temperature. On average, the ideal temperature to vaporize these liquids is 180°C. This is also the temperature at which propylene glycol evaporates, which explains why these e-liquids contain a high ratio of PG, with a PG: VG ratio of around 80:20.

To reach this ideal temperature of 180°C, it is best to vape at no more than 15W for optimal performance. Therefore, you need a suitable equipment for vaping with resistors around 1 ohm.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe

Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-addictive, non-toxic and 100% legal cannabis compound.

To obtain the purest CBD from hemp in this liquid, Super Critical CO2 extraction is used.

As it does not harm the plant, unlike solvent extraction, supercritical CO2 extraction results in high-quality CBD. This process involves carbon dioxide in its supercritical state: at the boundary between gas and liquid.

Supercritical CO2 extraction method used by Marie Jeanne is a clean and extremely accurate procedure. It is done at low temperature and high pressure, so that cannabinoids can be extracted and isolated. In this way, the naturally occurring cannabinoids and flavonoids are separated and extracted without leaving any residue.

This cold extraction method isolates all active odor molecules without any alteration. It is the most accurate CBD extraction method that results in the purest CBD.

Marie Jeanne e-liquids are made from high-quality CBD extracted only from Sativa L hemp varieties authorized by French and European regulations.

During extraction, traces of THC still present in the plant are isolated from other cannabinoids. The extraction methods used by Marie Jeanne produce pure CBD with no narcotic properties. By separating THC from other cannabinoids during extraction, we can guarantee THC-free CBD e-liquids.

Who are Marie Jeanne e-liquids for?

Cannabis smokers, cigarettes and vapers looking to try great tasting CBD e-liquids at reasonable prices.

What are the differences between nicotine and CBD?

Nicotine and CBD are compounds produced by plants. Nicotine is produced through tobacco and CBD through hemp. CBD is non-toxic and has no side effects.

Don't expect to get “high” because CBD is not psychotropic, and it is one of the reasons why it is used in a wide range of products, such as e-liquids, foods and cosmetics. CBD is becoming the best option for smokers who want to vape, and more and more vapers are switching from nicotine to CBD.

How to choose the best concentration of CBD?

It all depends on the type of user:

- Initiation into CBD vaping: Concentrations of 50mg or 100mg

- Regular smokers: from 300mg to 600mg

- Experienced CBD users: 600mg

What is the best setting to vape Marie Jeanne e-liquids?

During vaping, watts determine the heat that is produced in the resistance (coil). The higher the watts, the more heat is generated. It is very important to match the watts of the battery to the resistance.

We recommend using a coil that allows you to vape around 15 watts with coils around 1ohm to enjoy the best possible flavor. Vaping above 40 watts can alter the flavor that terpenes generate.


Marie Jeanne offers an extraordinary vape experience through her full spectrum CBD e-liquids. Thanks to a unique extraction procedure, we obtain a CBD that is as close to its natural form as possible, with all the other substances naturally present in hemp plants.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


By vaping CBD, it enters the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream, rather than oral intake that must pass through the intestine and liver. This completely bypasses the "first pass effect", allowing almost four times as much CBD to pass into the bloodstream, with a maximum bioavailability of 50-60%.

That means that for every 100 milligrams of CBD that is vaped, 50 to 60 milligrams will actually reach the bloodstream (CBD's oral bioavailability is roughly 15%).

Basically the same beneficial effects are obtained with a much lower amount of CBD.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Marie Jeanne Booster CBD SHOT is produced and bottled in France using only USP Premium ingredients that guarantee a totally safe vaping experience.


Made in France


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


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Marie Jeanne Eliquids with CBD from marijuana in Spain


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