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Prebuilt Coils SINGLE TASER 0,28 Ohm (Pack 2) - Charro Coils

Discover the Charro Coils SINGLE TASER 0,28 Ohm resistances, meticulously crafted in Spain using top-quality Nichrome 80 and an internal diameter of 2.75 mm. Offering values at 0.14 ohm/dual coil and 0.28 ohm/single coil. Purchase these artisanal coils and enhance your vaping experience.

Charro Coils en Vapvip Europe, España


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Prebuilt Charro Coils SINGLE TASER 0,28 Ohm (Pack 2)

Prebuilt Coils

0.14 ohm/dual coil - 0.28 ohm/single coil.


CharroCoils handmade coils in Spain and Europe
by Charro Coils


handcrafted coils Charro Coils SINGLE TASER


This is the new series of handcrafted coils from the creators Charro Coils.

With optimal performance, SINGLE TASER 0,28 Ohm offer the best possible vaping experience.

This new model was born to replace (and improve) one of the most successful models in the history of Charrocoils, which is 0.26.

With the changes they have implemented, they have achieved a much more balanced puff, a more pleasant response and an improvement in flavor. These resistors have a peculiarity, and that is that they are the first on the market in a 2.75mm guide.

They found a perfect combination of threads that was great in 2.5mm and 3mm too, but both measurements had their pros and cons, so they said: well, something in between and that's how this resistance is born that aspires to give a lot to talk about.

It is perfect for all types of single coil atomizers.

They work perfectly with all RBA atomizers.


Inner diameter: 2.75mm

Made with Nichrome 80

Charro Coils SINGLE TASER Coil Value: 0.14 ohm/dual coil - 0.28 ohm/single coil.


 *Pack 2 units


Charro Coils en Vapvip Europe, España


* Important tips for repairable coils:


When you unpack the coil, place it on a guide of the indicated diameter, insert the legs of the coil into the hole of the atomizer deck, one leg on the positive pole and another on the negative pole.

Adjust the position of the coil in place and tighten the screws, finally, cut the excess.

Once installed make sure that it does not touch the coil with any metal part of the atomizer to avoid short circuits.

When we have them installed, we will proceed to stabilize it. This process has to be carried out in an electronic device, never in a mechanical mod. To start stabilizing the coils, select a low power output voltage in the electronic device, around 1.8V. Little by little we will give short presses until we see that the coil is picking up temperature. Without ever putting the coil completely incandescent, we will glimpse, a series of points that light up more than the rest of the coil. To eliminate these points and that the coil is properly stabilized, we will tighten the turns of the coil with ceramic tweezers, gently and slowly until they have been completely removed.

Once there are no red dots and the coil ignites evenly from the center to the ends, we are ready to start using it and just need to put the cottonplace it correctly and add the liquid.



When we see that the coil is dirty or that the cotton has lost some of its properties, we will remove the cotton and repeat the process of stabilizing the coils, but in a much softer way, never turning them red hot. We will heat them calmly and before they become incandescent we will clean them with a metal brush, we will repeat this process two or three times in each cleaning, when they are already clean of the largest remains, we will reheat them and submerge them hot in a glass of water to temper them and that there is a cleaning in the coil by pyrolysis until it is perfectly clean.

Then, we will put the cotton and the liquid back.

The duration of the coils depends largely on the proper maintenance and aggressiveness of the liquids we use when vaping.

Safety and use warnings:

All coils work perfectly in both electronic mods and mechanical mods.

Electronic mods: You have to be always attentive in case you have been able to leak some liquid in the electronics, keep the mod clean and always use batteries with high discharge amperage and in good condition.

Mechanical mods: This is where more emphasis needs to be made on safety. It is essential that the mod is always clean, without bumps and with all the pieces that compose it correctly placed. When mechanical devices are used, ALWAYS use batteries with the maximum possible discharge amperage.


Charro Coils en Vapvip Europe, España

Charro Coils en Vapvip Europe, España

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Charro Coils in Vapvip Europe, Spain


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