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Aroma HAPPY Concentrate - Full Moon Aromas

Discover the refreshing taste of Aroma HAPPY Concentrate, an amazing icy blend of green and red apples with hints of berries and a tangy touch of lemon. Feel the genuine essence of Full Moon Aromas with every pull. Don't hesitate to purchase this unparalleled e-liquid for a top-tier vaping experience!

Aromas Full Moon Flavours en España

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HAPPY Concentrated 30ml 


green and red apples with berries and lemon


Concentrated aroma by Full Moon

AROMA HAPPY by Full Moon:


AROMA HAPPY is a frosted mixture of green and red apples and a touch of red fruits and lemon.

The manufacturer recommends a 15% solution.

2 - 4 days maceration.


Not suitable for vaping without mixing with a PG / VG base.


Concentrated aroma to be used mixed with a base of propylene glycol and / or Vegetable glycerin with or without nicotine.

It does not contain nicotine.


HAPPY Concentrated aroma by Nasty Juice Flavors, is packaged according to the European Norm, in 30 ml PET bottles.

Made in Malaysia.

Stored between 4 ° and 16 ° C, this concentrated aroma can be stored for at least 1 year in its original packaging.

In compliance with regulation 1334/2008 / EEC.

Manufactured in Malasya according to EEC Standards

Does not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.


**HAPPY 100% Aroma concentrated Nasty Juice Flavors not suitable for vaping directly without first mixing it with a PG / VG base.


Aromas Full Moon Flavours en España

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