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Tribeca 10mg Nic Salt by Halo

Feel the evolution of the Tribeca 10mg Nic Salt by Halo, the world's most celebrated e-liquid. Experience the unique blend of 10mg/ml nicotine salts with a classic tobacco flavor, heightened by touches of caramel and hints of vanilla. We invite you to purchase and indulge in this vaping gem for electronic cigarettes, perfect in every puff.

Halo Nic Salts in Europe and Spain

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10mg / ml nicotine salts


Tribeca Nic Salts, ultra-soft tobacco with a touch of caramel and vanilla.

Premium e-liquid

Balanced: 50%PG / 50%VG


Halo E-liquids and vaping aromas for electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

by Halo


Shake and Vape 50ml Booster version of this eliquid availableOriginal aroma to prepare your own e-liquid available


Tribeca is a very soft tobacco e-liquid with a light touch of vanilla and caramel that will catch you.


It has a balanced base (50/50) but maintains the indisputable personality of the classic Tribeca. Tribeca has clear nuances of a very soft tobacco with a semi-sweet tone, reminiscent of e-liquid RY4 and other precious mixtures of tobacco, all with light touches of vanilla and the classic toffee caramel. It has the typical quality of American products.


The "Ultra Salts" line of Halo has nicotine salts. These salts provide a much smoother vaping experience similar to that of a traditional cigar.


 Halo Nic Salts in Europe and Sapin



Who are advised the liquids with Nicotine Salts?

Basically we recommend Nicotine Salt E-liquids for someone who has just quit smoking and that normal e-liquids offer little satisfaction or produce an annoying throat scratch.

It may also be advisable for the vaper looking for a fast and discreet nicotine satiety, without having to take many puffs or too much steam.

Nicotine Salt E-liquids are only recommended for low power devices with "mouth to lung" puffs. POD devices (small startup devices) are ideal for this type of nicotine in salt form.

We do not recommend using Nicotine Salt E-liquids in sub-ohm atomizers or with high power, as it could produce an overdose of nicotine.

If you like to vape at high power producing a lot of steam or you prefer to vape very assiduously, we recommend traditional liquids with nicotine free base.


Composition Tribeca 10mg/ml Nicotine Salts by Halo:

10mg/ml Nicotine Salts

50% Propylene glycol.

50% Vegetable Glycerin.

Natural and artificial flavors.




In the manufacture of e-liquids, Halo uses only pharmaceutical grade ingredients with the highest degree of purity possible.

Tribeca High VH by Halo does not contain diacetyl, parabens or ambrox.

Once the service life is open it is 24 months.



Recommended storage between 4 ° and 16 ° in the original container.


High quality

Made in USA

Tribeca Nic Salts By Halo available in Spain

Nic Salts Halo in Spain


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    Halo e-liquid in Europe and Spain.


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