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IVG vaper eliquids Spain Europe

BLUE RASPBERRY Eliquid 50ml (BOOSTER) - IVG Liquids in Spain

BLUE RASPBERRY delicious e-liquid juice of the sweetest and freshest dark raspberries freshly picked. BLUE RASPBERRY BOOSTER e-liquid available for purchase at your best vaping store in Spain.

IVG liquids and vaping aromas to buy in Spain and Europe

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Blue raspberries

Shake and Vape MIX SERIES 50ml

High VG: 30%PG / 70%VG


IVG liquids and vaping aromas to buy in Spain and Europe

by IVG Liquids

10ml version with nicotine salts of this liquid available



Enjoy the sweetest and most natural flavors thanks to IVG Liquids. On this occasion, BLUE RASPBERRY is an incredible liquid made from the best juice of exotic blue raspberries. It is a sweet e liquid, tasty and with a subtle final blow of the throat thanks to the mixture with crushed ice that brings that feeling of drinking a slush.

Live every day like summer!

Ready to vape

BLUE RASPBERRY by IVG Liquids, e-liquids without nicotine: ready to add nicotine to your liking.

IVG Liquids e-liquids are compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.


What is a Nicokit and how to use it?

How to prepare a vaping e-liquid in BOOSTER format?

50ml Booster liquids contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml capacity bottle, so that there is enough space to add 1 Nicokit.

Nicokits are 10ml bottles with different concentrations of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin up to a maximum of 20mg/ml.

Preparation for use without nicotine:

You can use it directly without diluting (it will have more flavor), or you can add one NicoKit 0mg nicotine or add 10ml of Base 0mg.

How to add nicotine to vaping e-liquids?


To obtain your e-liquid at 1.6 mg/ml add 1/2 (5ml) NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 3 mg/ml add 1 1 NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6 mg/ml add 2 NicoKits of 20 mg/ml

NicoKit to add Nicotine

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Content: 50ml

30%PG / 70%VG


The BLUE RASPBERRY of IVG Liquids, is packaged according to the European Regulation, in 60 ml bottles, containing 50ml of liquid.


Exquisite premium liquids that come from the United Kingdom.

Try them out and you'll understand why more and more people are loyal to IVG liquids.

Simply extraordinary e-liquids.

Flavors that will make you feel nostalgic and will not leave you indifferent.

Manufactured with aromas of the highest quality and using only the purest ingredients.

Do not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.

Childproof closure.

Made in the UK


IVG vaper eliquids Spain Europe



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