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Indulge in the OxBar600 Strawberry disposable pod! Enjoy the irresistible flavor of ripe strawberries with every inhalation. Immerse yourself in the juicy aroma and intense taste that will transport you to a field of fresh strawberries! Experience the vaping journey with the natural and authentic flavor of strawberries in a disposable device.
The cheapest disposable pods in Spain. Available with 20mg of Nicotine Salts.

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OXBAR by Oxva, pods desechables

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STRAWBERRY OxBar 600 Disposable Vape


600 puffs: 350mAH + 2ml

Nic Salts 20 mg/ml


Sales de nicotina para vapeo


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Discover the quality and exceptional taste of OxBar products with the Strawberry disposable pod! Enjoy a satisfying vaping experience! Inhale and savor the authenticity of strawberries in every puff! No worries or complications! Forget about refills and complicated setups! Simply enjoy the juicy sweetness of strawberries with OxBar!


With years of experience in developing vape devices, Oxva has proven its ability to design high quality products that deliver a superior vape experience. OXBAR, as Oxva's flagship product, incorporates the latest technologies to deliver exceptional vape satisfaction.

OXBAR is characterized by its sleek and ergonomic design. The devices are meticulously designed to fit perfectly in your hand, ensuring a comfortable sensation when vaping.

Ideal to start vaping, OXBAR Disposable Pods provide easy operation, just take it out of the box and draw through the mouthpiece without worrying about charging, refilling or leaks.

Once depleted, you can dispose of the pod.

 ♻️ Remember to recycle your disposable Pod at a clean point, it contains a battery and different reusable materials, the planet will thank you.


OXBAR vaper pods desechables

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