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e-liquidos Suprem-e en España

Suprem e-liquids for e-vaping with your electronic cigarette. Distributor in Spain.

MIAMI ICE E-liquid 50ml (BOOSTER) by Suprem-e:

  • Papaya, Mango and other tropical fruits with an ice touch.
  • MIAMI ICE BOOSTER available to buy in your vaping shop in Spain.

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tropical fruits with an ice touch.

E-líquido 50ml (BOOSTER)

20%PG / 80%VG


by Suprem-e

Original aroma to prepare your own e-liquid available



MIAMI ICE by Suprem-e Liquids:

Papaya, Mango and other tropical fruits with an ice touch.

Enjoy this fantastically balanced liquid.


Ready to vape


MIAMI ICE from Suprem-e Liquids, e-liquids without nicotine: ready to add nicotine to your liking.


Suprem-e e-liquids are compatible with all types of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices.


e-liquidos Suprem-e en España


20%PG / 80%VG


Suprem-e has selected and mixed the best aromas to achieve the range liquids with original and authentic flavors.

e-liquids Suprem-e fulfill with all the requirements of quality more demanding of the European Union.


Liquid in BOOSTER format: Without nicotine

Contains 50ml of liquid in a bottle of 60ml capacity.

Preparation for use without nicotine:

You can use it directly without diluting (it will have more flavor), or you can add one NicoKit 0mg nicotine or add 10ml of Base 0mg.

Preparation if you want to add nicotine:


To obtain your e-liquid at 1.6 mg/ml add 1/2 (5ml) NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 3 mg/ml add 1 1 NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6 mg/ml add 2 NicoKits of 20 mg/ml

NicoKit to add Nicotine

(Click here)


Content: 50ml

20%PG / 80%VG

Also available in Aroma to make your own liquid.


e-liquidos Suprem-e en España


The e-liquid MIAMI ICE by Suprem-e Liquids is packaged according to the European Regulation, in 60 ml bottles containing 50ml of liquid.


Exquisite premium liquids that arrive from Italy.

Try them out and you'll understand why more and more people are loyal to Liquids Suprem-e Liquids.


e-liquidos Suprem-e en España


Manufactured with aromas of the highest quality and using only the purest ingredients.

Do not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.

Childproof closure.

Made in Italy


e-liquidos Suprem-e en España

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Prefiero lo que tenéis de sabor tabaco. Lo coji por que lleva más glicerina pero al final el vapor es el mismo. Gracias de todas maneras.



    Perfecto como siempre. Gracias

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      Suprem-e eliquids Spain

      Why have we chosen Suprem-e, as our liquid for vaping favorite?
      It is one of the leading brands in Europe; are certified and constantly controlled by approved laboratories, the Higher Institute of Health in Italy
      They have an affordable price
      They are not complicated liquids, it tastes what they promise
      Suprem-e uses only the best pharmaceutical grade raw materials and ensures that its products contain only and exclusively:
      Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
      Propylene glycol (PG)
      Food flavorings complying with Regulation CE No. 1334/08
      Deionized water
      Nicotine CE No. 200-193-3 (if present)
      Its innovative manufacturing process according to UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025 fully guarantee the security of e-liquids Suprem-e.
      All bottles incorporate a guarantee seal and a certificate ISO 8317 plug against accidental opening.
      Each package has a prospect where indicated, in different languages, product specifications, recommendations for use, precautionary statements and warnings.
      Thanks to the computer system of Supreme, ensures the traceability of all lots at different stages of manufacturing, from production to our store.

      The Best Premium e-liquid for your electronic cigarette



      18 años

      Only for over 18 years old. 

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