Vaping products´supply and electronic cigarettes during the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19:


Coronavirus COVID-19 and Vaping 



Our Online Sales Service works normally and orders are dispatched on the same day from our warehouse.

Due to the State of Alarm in many countries, the entire transport sector is saturated and there are areas where there may be some delay in the delivery of orders.

We thank you for your patience and understanding in these cases outside of us and we guarantee that we make exhaustive follow-ups of shipments with incidents, claiming them in cases of significant delays and monitoring follow-ups so that they reach their destination as soon as possible.


Spain and Portugal deliveries:


Shipments by MRW are being delivered in 24-48h in most cases, although there are some exceptions that may slightly delay shipping.

We have received communication from Correos that the Correos Paq Service returns to 100% operation, so we reactivate the services of Paq72 domicile and Paq72 Office Pickup.

Due to the lack of commitment on the part of Correos Express regarding the punctuality of deliveries, the delivery option by CORREOS EXPRESS 24h continues to be disabled.

Pickup in physical store has been activated again.



International deliveries:


DHL Express continues to operate normally


DHL Express continues to operate normally, except in areas closed by the Health Authorities. 

The expected delivery times may take 1-2 days more than normal. due to the current situation.


Shipping by Economic International Post Canceled in Europe

Due to COVID-19 delays and cancellations are occurring in international deliveries by Post, so we have canceled this service.


We have taken all possible measures to reduce risks, both for our employees and for our clients; Our commercial and customer service team will continue to provide the usual telephone and online service from their home address. We have taken extreme measures of asepsis in our warehouse.

As for the stock of products, although we keep our warehouse very well supplied, we begin to have some problem with certain imported products, if panic does not spread and the situation is stable, we have stock for about 2 months without problem, although there may be some products that become scarce.

We are facing a pandemic that continues to grow and we must realize that it is in our hands to do what is necessary to prevent it from spreading further.

The vaping world cannot be oblivious to this situation. So we want to give you a series of recommendations to keep in mind.


Tips for vaping in connection with the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19:


Personal vaporizers should be more personal than ever and avoid contact with other people: Don't share your vaping device.

It is convenient to scrupulously wash the drip tips of our electronic cigarettes several times a day, since it is the part that is in contact with our mouth. You can use hot water and soap or disinfecting gels.

Regularly and several times a day use a disinfectant gel for your hands and the exterior parts of your vaping devices.

Avoid purchasing products from unreliable stores where the products are not properly sealed.

Do not buy or use second-hand vapers, although you can disinfect and clean them, at this time buying used electronic cigarettes is a risky activity.

Although there is evidence that propylene glycol (one of the main ingredients in e-cigarette liquids) has antibacterial and antiviral properties, vaping in no way protects against the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19. What is clear is that smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes would definitely have a better prognosis, as smoking-related illnesses increase the severity of the disease.




We want to make a very special recognition for the health professionals, security forces and other professionals who are collaborating at the moment to guarantee our health, safety and the distribution of our products.


Lots of encouragement and happy vaping.


Gracias Coronavirus COVID-19



Incident history:


UPDATE 23/04/2020:


Due to the saturation of Correos Express and the delays that accumulate in some areas, we have temporarily disabled the shipping option by CORREOS EXPRESS, we will closely monitor the orders shipped so that there are no delays.

MRW shipments are being delivered on time in most cases, although there are some exceptions that may slightly delay shipping. We appreciate your understanding and patience.


UPDATE 13/04/2020:


Both MRW and Correos Express inform us that from today shipments can be made throughout Spain and in all postal codes, so the previous confinement areas are canceled.

They also communicate that the expected delivery times may be slightly delayed due to the current situation, although they will continue working to ensure that the quality of service is the one they have committed to.

Currently 95% of our shipments are being delivered in 24-48 business hours.

UPDATE 29/03/2020:


After yesterday's appearance by the President of the Government of Spain and today's press conference, we inform our customers that our online store and the delivery of orders will continue to function normally as usual.

Please note that delivery times may be somewhat longer than normal.

We would also like to acknowledge the great work and effort of all VapVip employees, who are playing an essential role in keeping everything running and in continuing in these difficult times to help people who have decided
change the tobacco habit for much healthier alternatives.


UPDATE 26/03/2020:


GOOD NEWS: We inform you that international shipments with DHL Express are working very well despite the circumstances and most shipments are being delivered in 24-48 hours. National shipments with MRW and Correos Express, are working quite normally and 94% of orders are being delivered in 24 hours.

LET'S NOT PANIC !: So far, although certain products are in short supply, we maintain a practically normal stock of most products in our warehouse.

Exceptionally, products imported from Italy and the UK are having some supply problems. Some Bases and Nicokits are also in short supply, although we have placed an important order that we hope will arrive in a few days to solve it and be able to supply the demands of our customers.

Regarding the orders prior to March 17 made by Correos (which we have already communicated that it temporarily canceled its service), we would like to comment that they are still blocked by Correos and we are waiting for them to be delivered or returned to us so that we can resend them by DHL and that those affected receive them as soon as possible. Although it is a totally foreign situation to us, we apologize and we assure you that we are working to solve it as soon as possible.


UPDATE 21/03/2020:


International shipments with DHL: DHL Express is maintaining delivery services around the world and for this they adapt operations in the affected countries:

- To respond to those recipients who do not want to sign on a scanner or on paper, from March 23, the option of unsigned delivery is temporarily activated on our On Demand Delivery (ODD) platform for all shipments addressed to individuals (B2C).

- DHL Express continues to operate worldwide, but due to the current situation with commercial flight restrictions, they have implemented alternative routes using their own global network of cargo aircraft. This measure allows to continue offering service, but affects some transit times, and there may be certain temporary adjustments.


UPDATE 20/03/2020:


No important news have been produced today, but we want to make a very special mention to the courier teams of DHL, MRW and Correos Express for the great work they are doing. Really, thank you very much for your effort: more than 90% of our shipments have been delivered in the stipulated time. With the current situation, this involves a lot of work and a lot of dedication.



UPDATE 19/03/2020:


In order to ensure that the deliveries of orders are made as quickly as possible, the deadline for the order to leave the same day has been brought forward to 18:00. In this way we are able to link better with the delivery routes in Spain.


UPDATE 18/03/2020:


Due to saturation of orders, delivery delays are occurring in certain areas. Delivery companies are limiting certain delivery areas. Please read the following information and make sure your area is not affected. 

 Spain and Portugal deliveries:


Correos Paq shipments canceled in Spain

03/18/2020: Correos has canceled these services. This is the statement that Correos has sent us:

"After the publication of Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, declaring the state of alarm for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19, the public company works to guarantee the provision of the Universal Postal Service as entrusted.
Therefore, Correos only provides the public postal service, for which it has implemented new organizational measures and action protocols, among which is the impossibility of collecting or admitting shipments that are not included within the aforementioned Universal Postal Service.
If necessary, Correos will adapt its operations again depending on the circumstances."


Limited MRW Shipping in Spain

This is the list of delegations and postal codes, currently CLOSED from MRW due to COVID-19. Deliveries in the following postal codes are interrupted, so shipments will be held on platforms:

MRW Office: 00700 - BILBAO
Affected Zip Codes:

MRW Office: 00627 - IGUALADA
Affected Zip Codes:
08255-08280-08281-08282-08289- 08700-08710-08711-08712-08717- 08718-08719-08773-08779-08785- 08786-08787-08788-08789- 25214-25215-25216-25270-  25271-25750-25751-43421

MRW Office: 01408 - PADRON
Affected Zip Codes:
15282-15900-15910-15911-15912- 15914-15915-15916-15917- 15920-15928-15980-15981 -15982-15983-15984-15985 -36640-36645-36646-36647-36649

MRW Office: 00400 - ÁVILA
Affected Zip Codes:
All of Avila: 05001 to 05380
and the following: 40135-40145-40146-40460-40464- 40465-40466-40467-40468-40469-40496-47219


Shipping by Correos Express in Spain:

Correos Express continues to operate normally, with certain delays in some rural areas. Obviously, in the areas closed by the Health Authorities there are no deliveries.



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