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problems and solutions vaping electronic cigarettes 

Troubleshooting vaping or electronic cigarette


What to do when your electronic cigar does not work well?

We give you some tips for solving the most common problems that we find when vaping with our electronic cigarette.



The Battery does not respond:

If the LED does not blink, it may need to be recharged. If it does not support charging, check that the charger works correctly, if it still does not work it may be that the battery needs to be replaced. The batteries of electric cigarettes have a limited number of possible charges, after which it is necessary to replace it with a new one.

The battery lights up but does not work:

It may not make contact with the atomizer correctly. It usually cleans the contacts of the battery and the claromizer. If this does not work, try pulling the center pin of the battery slightly (½ mm) with a sharp object. It may be necessary to change the atomizer.

The battery flashes 2-4 times when I press the button:

This is usually because the battery does not detect the coil of the atomizer.

It may be that the coil has been burned, so the solution is to replace it with a new one.

There are times when the equipment does not detect the head coil and when the button is pressed the light flashes and it does not work. This may be because the base of the resistor does not make proper contact with the battery. To facilitate contact, simply pinch lightly and remove half a millimeter the metal pin (the metal part that is surrounded by a rubber) in the lower part of the coil. Then you have to rethread the coil to the equipment by tightening the thread well.

The battery flashes 10-12 times repeatedly:

Most likely, the battery is exhausted and needs recharging.

Exceptionally, it may be because the atomizer is damaged and short-circuits.

The battery responds, but does not have enough power:

Check that the resistance is in good condition. Normally they are exhausted with use and must be changed every so often. Choose the right resistance for your vaping equipment.

Over time, batteries tend to supply less power and their autonomy is low. It is advisable to have at least two batteries, to test in situations like this and not to be left without vaping.

A misuse, shock or overheating of the battery, can make the battery of our atomizer does not work properly or directly that does not work.



Bubbles and liquid comes out:

The head coil of your electronic cigarette is flooded with liquid. This occurs when the coil enters too much liquid and it floods. This occurs when more liquid enters the coil from which it evaporates.

Here the solution depends on whether the atomizer is upper or lower air intake.

  • Upper air inlet (watertight): vapeador bubbles, liquid droplets jump and liquid rises to the mouth.
  •  To solve this, we recommend that you remove the nozzle (drip tip), place the device upside down on an absorbent paper and press the button for 5-6 seconds in inverted position without aspirating. You can shake it slightly so that it expels the excess liquid that it has inside the resistance. This operation you have to repeat until you get a clean puff without bubbling. Afterwards, you can clean the air duct well with paper.
  •  Lower air inlet: The vapeer leaks liquid from the bottom (leaks from the air inlet holes)
  • To solve it once the resistance is flooded, it is best to open the air inlet to the maximum, put a tissue around the air inlet holes and blow strongly out the nozzle without pressing the button. In this way the excess liquid of the resistance will come out to the handkerchief.

When i vaping tastes like burned:

It may be that the resistance has been exhausted, with which the solution is to replace it with a new one. Remember that, if the resistance has worked without liquid at some point, it is most likely that the cotton inside it has been definitively burned and the only solution is to replace the resistance with a new one.

The liquid does not drain properly inside the resistance: you may be using a high density liquid (a lot of GV) and not enter the resistance correctly. Try using resistances with greater fluid input. Opening more air inlet helps more fluid flow.

The atomizer has little liquid. Using the electronic cigarette with the dry atomizer can damage it badly. Recharge it.

Remember to take deep puffs so that the cotton moistens well, it will work correctly.

The atomizer does not work well:

Generally these problems are solved by changing the head coil for a new one.

The coil of the atomizer has a limited life time and it is necessary to replace it periodically.

Check the atomizer connections with the battery and coil.

With use the o-rings lose effectiveness. The blows can also damage the resistance and the glass, affecting the tightness. In some models you can replace the Pyrex tank or change the O-rings.

Lose fluid:

If it is through the air inlet holes, use the solution proposed above. If it is for the joints, check that it is tightly closed, check that the resistance is correctly installed and tightened, check the silicone O-rings and replace them if necessary.


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