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The addiction to nicotine is a serious matter, if you do not have this addiction ... congratulations! Forget vaping, electronic cigarettes and tobacco and have a happy and healthy life, this is not a fad, it is a method of reducing the damage caused by smoking. It is only a substitute, which has a wonderful potential to become a real therapy, to eliminate the habit of smoking.

While it is a minimum of 95% less harmful than smoking (*), vaping is not without risk. The e-liquid for vaping is composed of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) of pharmaceutical grade, as well as food flavors, which are harmless substances in the diet, but there is not enough information about the damage they could cause in the long term when inhaled in the form of vapor.

It's that easy:

The vapers have chosen the lesser evil, which is to replace tobacco smoke (with more than 5,000 chemical compounds, 70 of these compounds are proven precursors of lung and / or carcinogenic diseases) by these three compounds, which in the short and medium term can save our lives.

We do it because we value our health and because we have not found a more effective way to get rid of the nicotine addiction that left us forever with cigarettes.

To young people:

Neither vaping electronic cigarettes nor smoking tobacco are fashions, nor healthy ways to attract attention and can be dangerous to your health.

Choose your health, not a fad.

If you do not have nicotine addiction ... why use vaping? The vapeadores reject that vaping is considered a fashion or a new form of addiction to nicotine.

To the doctors:

It is good and professional to have your doubts about electronic cigarettes, but also, it is much better that you inform yourself, that you read the conclusions of your colleagues from the College of Physicians of the United Kingdom who recommend vaping equipment to your patients as a important help to stop smoking.

It is necessary that you investigate using the scientific method that you know so well and apply in your daily routine.

After all, so many testimonies can not be wrong.

(*) Underpinning evidence for the estimate that e-cigarette use is around 95% safer than smoking

Are electronic cigarettes a safe alternative to tobacco?

Could electronic cigarettes or vaping devices help millions of smokers to stop smoking?

If so, why do anti-tobacco activists oppose electronic cigarettes?

Get the truth about electronic cigarettes in this short video. (subtitled in Spanish)

Electronic cigarettes are "95% less harmful than tobacco"

Salud Publica Inglaterra

"The role and impact of electronic cigarettes has been one of the great debates in public health in recent years and we have commissioned this independent review of the most recent tests to ensure that professionals, policy makers and, most importantly, all, the public, have the best available evidence.

Many people think that the risks of electronic cigarettes are the same as smoking tobacco and this report clarifies the truth about this.

In short, the best estimates show that electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful to your health than regular cigarettes and, when supported by a smoking cessation service, help most smokers to quit smoking. tobacco completely.

We believe that this review will be a valuable resource and will explain the relative risks and benefits of electronic cigarettes in terms of harm reduction compared to traditional cigarettes and as an aid to smoking cessation. "

Duncan Selbie, Chief Executive, PHE

Public Health England (PHE), an agency of the British Health Service (NHS)

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Kellie is a Canadian Registered Nurse Bscn and author of the “Vaping, The Truth” report.


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