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Frequently asked questions about the world of vaping and electronic cigarettes




Either because you want to use electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, or simply because you are interested in the world of vaping, you will have doubts and questions about vaping.

We will try to collect the most frequent questions from our clients, giving the opportune answers and some recommendations for the people who start vaping.


How much nicotine should I choose for my electronic cigarette?

The initial response is easy: the smallest possible. Nicotine is the ingredient in cigarettes that makes it addictive and although it is not the most harmful substance in tobacco, it is interesting to reduce it as much as possible until it is eliminated; This must be our goal.

Nicotine, like caffeine, is an alkaloid; This explains why these two compounds have similar effects on our organism. Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine in the brain, causing a feeling of well-being and euphoria. This effect is of short duration, which encourages to repeat again to feel its effects again. Its prolonged and frequent use causes physical and psychic dependence.

However, an excessively low amount of nicotine for those who are quitting tobacco, can produce an increase in anxiety and the effects of the "monkey" of nicotine, so you must choose the proportion best suited to your situation.

It is best to choose a medium / low dose of nicotine, and adjust it, raising or lowering the proportion of nicotine depending on our sensations and needs. The ideal is to go down the dose of nicotine at your own pace to reach zero.

E-liquids have different nicotine content, usually 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg and 18 mg.

These are our general recommendations, based on the experience of our users:

- 0 mg: Recommended for those who are no longer addicted to nicotine, because they have already quit smoking, but still crave inhalation and aspects related to cigarette smoke. Remember that if you do not smoke, you should not vape.

- 3 mg: It is the favorite concentration of maintenance for those who have been vaping for a long time, or recommended for sporadic smokers of 5-10 cigarettes / day.

- 6 mg: It has a nicotine content lower than that of traditional cigarettes. We recommend it for smokers of 10-20 cigarettes a day.

- 12 mg: Recommended for smokers of more than 20 cigarettes a day.

- 18 mg: It is the maximum dose that we sell in Vapvip, we recommend it for heavy smokers with a lot of addiction and who require a sensation of "throat scratching" similar to conventional tobacco.


How should I vape with an electronic cigarette?

There are different ways of vaping according to the type of puff: direct to lung, mouth to lung, and mouth.

Puff from mouth to lung: In general, this is the usual way of smoking that of smokers: first inhale the vapor in the mouth and then absorb it until it reaches the lungs.

Direct puffing to lung: This is the most widespread and popular form of vaping among vapers. It consists of a direct inhalation, like a deep breath in which you take all the steam directly to the lung. It is with that more steam is generated and that, once accustomed, it is more pleasant. Despite what it might seem, it is the one that produces the least cough. Of course do not try to do this with a traditional cigarette or you will have a hard time.

In the mouth: The one practically nobody uses in vaping, that of cigar smokers. With this puff the steam never goes to the throat, it stays in the mouth and in a matter of seconds it is expelled.

Where can you vape?

In Spain it is generally allowed to vape in all public spaces (including bars and restaurants), except in playgrounds and schools, health centers, public transport, and official bodies. This regulation can change for each Autonomous Community, since they have transferred the competences. As of 2018, only the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country has equated the same restrictions on use with tobacco.

Public places, such as bars and restaurants, in which the owner has decided to prohibit vaping with electronic cigarettes, should announce this prohibition clearly with posters in sight; In this way you will make your decision about whether or not you want to enter that location.

How long do the head coils of my electronic cigarette last?

In general, the change of coils must be made when you notice that the flavor begins to degrade or that its performance in steam production has dropped. There are also times when, when the coil is widely used, it stops retaining liquid and leaks or floods of the coil produce gurgling.

The duration of the coils is determined by two factors mainly: the use that is given to the coil and the type of liquid that is used. The duration of a head coil with normal use can vary greatly, between 30 and 80 ml of liquid. Very dark liquids, usually leave more residue in the resistance, cause the yarn and cotton to get dirty earlier and the resistance to burn before. Menthol and aniseed liquids also shorten the life of the coils.

The power that is applied to the head coil is another key factor in its duration. The more power the shorter the duration. In high power devices designed for deep inhalations, if you inhale to the mouth, the coil can get too hot due to lack of aeration and shorten its life.

Remember that if you activate a coil without being well moistened, the cotton it contains burns instantly leaving it unusable. It is very important that each time you use a new head coil, add 3 or 4 drops of e-liquid directly to the resistance in the part where cotton is seen. After mounted on the atomizer and refilling the reservoir, before vaping, give 3 or 4 empty puffs (without pressing the button) to ensure that the liquid has entered the coil.


How long does the liquid last in electronic cigarettes?

This is like asking how long a pack of cigarettes lasts, the answer is clear: it depends on what you smoke / vapes.

Although there is an immense variation, the average consumption is between 2 and 5ml of fluid per day. While it is true that depends on the device used, the power that is applied and the way of vaping.

Normally, the first weeks after quitting, you usually vape more. This is due to the anxiety to stop smoking, to which it really tastes much better than tobacco and novelty. It is what we fondly call "pacifier phase", since you will be like babies with their pacifiers, all day with the vapeador in the mouth.

As an advantage with the traditional cigar, in which you must consume the complete cigarette (10-20 inhalations), with the electronic cigarette you can give the puffs that you want at any time; There will be times when 2-3 strokes is enough.


How long does an electronic cigarette last?

Your vaping equipment is mainly composed of 3 parts: battery, atomizer and resistances.

The life of the battery depends on several factors, the number of charges and discharges that are made, the quality of the battery and the charger used, the vaping power that is applied ... on average, it is necessary to change the battery every 4 -6 months. Also, the more we take care of our battery keeping it clean and dry, avoiding bumps and overloads / overloads, the longer it will last.

The resistance or coil, depending on its use, usually last between 1-3 weeks.

The atomizer can last for years if we take good care of it and keep it safe from blows and chafing. It may be necessary to change your O-rings if you have lost the seal with use.


Which is the best tobacco liquid?

First, clarify that no liquid really tastes like tobacco and much less as a specific brand. Finding the tabaquil liquid that goes to each one is an odyssey that you can only overcome by trial and error. In addition, the taste evolves over time, and you will change flavor from time to time. When you stop smoking the body asks for stronger flavors, but when you go off the "monkey" you will open up to new tastes much more pleasant.

However, we can give you some clues:

Depending on the intensity of tobacco you want, there are many options.

An ideal liquid to start with is the Apache by Atmos, it is a dry tabaquil liquid with no sweetness, but with a very nice background to nuts. Be sure to try it, the Camila is quite similar, but with more tobacco background.

The Pure Tobacco is stronger and drier and with more tobacco flavor. Both the First Pick and the First Pick Rebrand sell a lot among those who like the "Virginia" type tobacco that tastes like a natural tobacco leaf.

The Bebeca / Tribeca (they are very similar) are tobaccos with a light touch of vanilla and caramel candy. They are the best sellers and they are frankly good.

Finally, you also have the "RY": RY4 and RY69. They are liquids with a tobacco background mixed with caramel, vanilla and nuts. They are sweeter than the previous ones, but they are also very used.

In this list our tobacco liquids are ordered from the driest to the sweetest:


Which head coils do I use for my vaper device?

Each model of atomizer or electronic cigarette has its own head coils. In the page of each vaping device we put compatible resistances for your device, you can also select by brand in the "Head Coils" menu.


What types of e-liquids are there?

We can differentiate e-liquids according to several factors:

For the taste:

Basically we differentiate three kinds of flavors: tobaccofruit, drinks and sweets and finally fresh (menthol, aniseed, gins ...). Currently, it is a highly developed market, which allows us to have more than 500 different flavors in our store.

By the type of container:

These are the containers authorized by the European TPD law that limits the maximum capacity of nicotine liquids to 10ml:

10ml container with or without nicotine.

- Package of 3x10ml with or without nicotine: it is a pack of 3 bottles of 10ml each that usually have a better price than individual packages.

- 50ml or 100ml non-nicotine Booster Containers: Boosters are large formats of liquids, which always comes without nicotine, to which nicotine must be added, if desired, with Nicokits: these are 10ml bottles that come with 20mg of nicotine . This format is advisable for those vaping 3mg of nicotine (we must add 1 Nicokit) or 6mg (adding 2 nickelets). It is the one that offers the best price, but has the disadvantage that you must manually add nicotine.

For the concentration of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG):

The PG / VG mixture is available, generally in proportions ranging from 30% VG to 100% VG. Normally to start, we recommend liquids with a maximum of 50PG / 50VG since they are the most balanced, but choosing the base proportion of the e-liquid is a matter of personal preference.

   - Propylene glycol (PG) does not have its own flavor, but usually enhances the flavor of the aromas. The PG gives fluidity to the e-liquid facilitating that it enters adequately in the resistances. In addition, the PG offers a strong and pleasant blow to the back of the throat, a sensation much appreciated by cigarette smokers.

   - Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is more dense and has a somewhat "sweet" flavor. Due to this viscosity, when we use high proportions of VG we need devices and resistances with greater liquid input. The VG produces more of a thick vapor than some vapers prefer.


What compounds exactly carries the 'smoke' of the electronic cigarette?

First of all, to clarify that IT IS NOT SMOKE, IT IS STEAM. In electronic cigarettes, unlike conventional tobacco, there is no combustion, so there is no smoke. The vaping devices heat a liquid until it evaporates and converts it into vapor so that it can be inhaled.

According to a scientific study by analytical chemistry professor Miguel de la Guardia at the University of Valencia, the electronic cigarette vapor has no impact in closed spaces, since it contains 700% less nicotine than tobacco smoke and, in addition, it dilutes quickly in the environment, that its incidence in closed spaces is practically nil. You can see an interview with this professor in the following video:


Vaping or smoking: which one is more expensive?

A medium smoker, a pack of cigarettes a day, spends around € 150 per month, about € 1800 per year.

Although the prices of vaping equipment fluctuate a lot and there are many variations with respect to the price of liquids, on average, a vapeador saves more than 50% compared to traditional cigarettes.

Although the important thing is the reduction of 95% of the risk to your health that involves moving from smoking to vaping.

Does the vapor of electronic cigarettes smell?

The vapor of electronic cigarettes smells very slightly to the aroma of the liquid that is being used. Normally they are soft and pleasant smells, very far from the smell and annoyance of tobacco smoke.

Unlike tobacco smoke, this slight odor is dispersed in seconds, does not remain in the environment and does not impregnate clothes or hair, or cause bad breath, or darken the fingers, or stain the curtains or walls...


Why do I have a cough when vaping?

Experiencing coughing episodes when vaping begins is common, because vaping is different from smoking a traditional cigarette. Our body is used to inhaling smoke and not steam. After the first uses, this cough will disappear. It can help you at the beginning to give long and soft puffs, just the opposite that is done with tobacco cigarettes.

The level of nicotine also influences; If the nicotine concentration is too high, it may give you more cough or itchy throat.

Another factor is the strength of the resistances. Remember that the lower the ohm value of the resistance, the more powerful it will be. If the shed with your current resistance is not pleasant, you can try some resistance with more ohms that will offer you more softness.


My electronic cigarette bubbles and I put liquid in my mouth. How do I solve it?

Surely your vaping equipment is of superior air intake and without a doubt the problem is that coil has flooded and that is why it bubbles up and you put liquid in your mouth. To solve this, we recommend that you remove the nozzle (drip tip), place the device upside down on an absorbent paper and press the button for 5-6 seconds in inverted position without aspirating. You can shake it slightly so that it expels the excess liquid that it has inside the resistance. This operation you have to repeat until you get a clean puff without bubbling. Afterwards, you can clean the air duct well with paper. Surely in this way you solve the problem.

To prevent future flooding, it is better to have the air intake as close as possible and give short, strong puffs (as in a traditional cigarette). If it floods again you will have to repeat the previous operation as many times as necessary.


My electronic cigarette loses liquid through the lower air intake holes. What can I do?

If the loss is a drop sporadically, it is totally normal, since it is due to the condensation of the vapor.

The most abundant leaks of liquid through the ventilation holes are produced when it enters the resistance too liquid and it is flooded. This usually happens when more liquid enters the resistance from which it evaporates, or when the resistance needs instead because the cotton inside it has lost the ability to retain liquid.

If you have changed the resistance recently and it has flooded, it is best to open the air inlet to the maximum, put a tissue around the air inlet holes and blow out strongly through the mouthpiece without pressing the button. In this way the excess liquid of the resistance will come out to the handkerchief.

To prevent flooding, you can reduce the liquid intake by partially closing the air inlet in the atomizer. Keep in mind that if it is a team designed for lung vaping, you should try to take deeper puffs. You can also increase the power if your vapeador is of variable power so that it evaporates more liquid in each puff.

Another reason for leaks is when the tank is opened and leakage is lost. in these cases it is advisable to have the air inlet completely closed before opening the tank.


Do electronic cigarettes explode?

The current electronic vaping devices, have the security measures to use it with complete peace of mind. However, as with any rechargeable device with lithium batteries inside (mobile phones, batteries, laptops, etc.) it is important to maintain security measures both when using and when charging electronic cigarettes.

If you have not wetted it, hit it, manipulated it and used quality components to recharge it, the possibility of having an accident is remote, just like with a mobile phone or a laptop.

Currently the European regulation (TPD) supervises all the devices that can be sold in Europe. The important thing about this topic is to acquire a device in an authorized and trustworthy store within Spain, guaranteeing that your equipment is authorized as a vaping device and that it has gone through different regulations and quality and safety tests.


Can I smoke and vape at the same time?

There is no evidence that smoking cigarettes and vaping at the same time is worse than just smoking tobacco, quite the opposite, the more you reduce tobacco smoke, the more your health improves. Each person is a world, and each one uses his own method. There are people who start vaping and quit the analog cigarette completely and there are others who use it to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. Of course, the greatest health benefits come from completely quitting tobacco, so quitting completely should be your goal.


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