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What do I need to start vaping with electronic cigarettes?


A first tip: to start with, it is better to buy small quantities, both of consumables and liquids. Until you find what you like, it is best not to spend too much money on things that you do not use later.



There are many starter kit options that will make it easy for you to get started in the world of vaping without too many complications.

There are currently two easy options to get you started with vaping: PODs and Basic Kits.


POD vapeo

Pods are very simple, low-powered, ultra-portable devices designed especially for use with liquids containing nicotine salts. The smallest and best-selling POD is JustFog Minifit-S. In the following link you can see a complete description of this vaper and how it works::


Minifit-S Pod

The Minifit-S Pod uses a tank that integrates the coil and needs to be replaced when it runs out (40-80ml of liquid):

Replacement Pod Minifit-S POD:

Depósito Minifit

Of course, you have many other POD models available here.



Kits Básicos

Basic Kits are simple devices with somewhat superior performance than Pods. As an indicative example, a good idea to start with a starter kit in terms of quantity of steam, simplicity and quality / price ratio is the Exceed D19 by Joyetech:


Exceed D19

It is very basic device, although we recommend that you carefully read the instructions and characteristics on the product page.

The maintenance that the Exceed requires is simply to change the coils when they are exhausted (depending on the use and the liquid they can last between 40 and 80 ml of liquid) and charge the battery.

The normal coils are these 1.2 ohm:

Coils EX EXCEED 1,2ohm

You can also use the 0.5ohm ones (gold) if you would like more steam power:

Coils EX EXCEED 0,5ohm

Resistencias Exceed

Keep in mind that the kit includes a head coil of each for you to decide which one you are more comfortable with.

You also have different options for Basic Kits available here.




When it comes to quit smoking, it is very important to choose a good liquid that fits you and with the right amount of nicotine so that you don't have abstinence syndrome of the cigarette.

As for nicotine, depending on what you smoke regularly, we recommend that you to start with 6mg or 12mg or even 16mg (if your dependence on nicotine is high). Nicotine salts are marketed at high doses of nicotine, as they are the closest thing to the feel of a normal cigarette.

Nicotine will give you the "throat scratching" similar to conventional tobacco and of course the "satiety" to avoid withdrawal. You can gradually lower the initial amount of nicotine.

Although we have more than 1000 different flavors, in order to help you make your first choice, we are sure that you will like any of the 30 best-selling liquids (the first 30 on the list). We recommend that you take a look at the most popular liquids among our customers at this link:

TOP e-liquids

Top elíquidos de vapeo

As a recommendation, we suggest you to start with tobacco liquids.

The most used to start vaping is the Apache by Atmos, it is a dry tobacco liquid and without sweetness, but with a very pleasant background of nuts:

APACHE - APACHE with Nicotine Salts

Apache eliquid     Apache with Nicotine Salts


GOLD & SILVER is a liquid very similar to conventional cigarettes, with a more tobacco background:

GOLD & SILVER - GOLD & SILVER with Nicotine Salts

Gold & Silver eliquid     Gold & Silver with Nicotine Salts


Bebeca is a tobacco with vanilla and a light sweet touch of caramel. It is the best seller and it is really good:

BEBECA - BEBECA with Nicotine Salts

Bebeca eliquid     Bebeca with Nicotine Salts




You can also assess what accessories will suit you.

For now, it is best to buy small quantities, both consumables and liquids. Until you find what you like, it is best not to spend too much money on things that you do not use later.

If you need more advice to answer any questions, tell us and we will be delighted to do so.


You are already a vaper! Now you can proudly boast of taking care of your health and that of those around you and start saving money.


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