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Nic Salt VGOD in Spain

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Nic Salt SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nicotine salts Eliquid 10ml by VGOD in Spain

  • SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt: Delicious ripe strawberry with ice and soft menthol
  • SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt by VGOD is available in Vapvip, your professional vaping shop in Europe and Spain.

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SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt Nicotine salts

Ice strawberry


 Smoother throat stroke and faster diffusion of nicotine.

30%PG - 70%VG


Nic Salt Sales de Nicotina e-liquido Diamond Mist e-liquids en España




SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt with Nicotine salts by VGOD: Delicious ripe strawberry with ice and soft menthol.


E-liquid SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt Nicotine salts from VGOD, for a great vaping experience.



Who are advised the liquids with Nicotine Salts?

Basically we recommend Nicotine Salt E-liquids for someone who has just quit smoking and that normal e-liquids offer little satisfaction or produce an annoying throat scratch.

It may also be advisable for the vaper looking for a fast and discreet nicotine satiety, without having to take many puffs or too much steam.

Nicotine Salt E-liquids are only recommended for low power devices with "mouth to lung" puffs. POD devices (small startup devices) are ideal for this type of nicotine in salt form.

We do not recommend using Nicotine Salt E-liquids in sub-ohm atomizers or with high power, as it could produce an overdose of nicotine.

If you like to vape at high power producing a lot of steam or you prefer to vape very assiduously, we recommend traditional liquids with nicotine free base.


Content: 10ml


Nic Salt VGOD Spain


Nic Salt VGOD Spain


Nic Salt VGOD Spain


VGOD E-liquids.


SUMMER STRAWBERRY Nic Salt with Nicotine salts premium liquids are produced and bottled in the United States using only USP Premium ingredients that guarantee a totally safe vaping experience.

Manufactured with aromas of the highest quality and using only the purest ingredients.

Do not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.

Made in the USA.


VGOD Eliquids in Spain

VGOD ELiquid in Spain


VGOD E-liquid's have developed e-liquids with the best PG and VG ratio, to generate the best flavor and the best vapor production.

Eliquids are highly sensitive to heat and light. For that reason we store the bottles in optimal conditions of light, temperature and humidity.

eLiquids are also affected by extreme temperature changes: never leave liquids in your car on a cold or extreme hot day.


VGOD Eliquid in Sapin



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