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Experience the revolution of the AROMA RAGNAROK Legend CONCENTRATE, a premium creation by A&L Aromas. Taste the iconic Ragnarok aroma, enhanced with a delightful touch of pineapple, ideal for crafting your own quality e-liquids. Get encouraged and purchase this vaping gem from your trusted store!

A&L Ultimate Flavors to buy in Spain

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Ultimate RAGNAROK Legend A&L AROMA

Flavor Concentrate 30ml

Berries with a hint of pineapple

The manufacturer recommends a 10-12% dissolution

Maceration of 5 - 7 days

A&L Ultimate e-liquids to buy in Europe and Spain
by A&L Ultimate

Flavors A&L Ultimate in Spain


Relax and enjoy the best flavors.


Evolved version of the famous Ragnarok: red berry base with dominant blackcurrant that remains unchanged, but is magnified by adding a finely selected pineapple. Juicy and powerful, pineapple brings a completely new identity to this vaping myth, to the delight of your taste buds.


Original Sweet Edition: the original version of A&L Ultimate with all its irresistible sweet notes.


A totally different experience.

The manufacturer recommends a 5% solution.

3 - 5 days maceration.

Depending on the type and amount of aromas used, each manufactured e-liquid has a minimum maceration time to reach its roundness ranging from 1 or 2 days to more than 1 month.


Not suitable for vaping without mixing with a PG / VG base.


Concentrated aroma to be used mixed with a base of propylene glycol and / or Vegetable glycerin with or without nicotine.

It does not contain nicotine.

The RAGNAROK Legend Concentrated aroma of A&L Ultimate Flavors, is packaged according to the European Norm, in 30 ml PET bottles.

Stored between 4 ° and 16 ° C, this concentrated aroma can be stored for at least 1 year in its original packaging.

In compliance with regulation 1334/2008 / EEC.

Manufactured in France according to EEC Standards

Does not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.


** Aroma RAGNAROCK Legend 100% concentrated A&L Ultimate Flavors not suitable for vaping directly without first mixing it with a PG / VG base.

A&L Ultimate Flavors in Spain

A&L Ultimate Flavors in Spain

A&L Ultimate Flavors in Spain

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Aromas A&L Ultimate. Distribuidor y venta online en España.

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