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Geek Bar TOBACCO Meloso Mini Disposable Pod

Experience the authentic taste of smoked tobacco from traditional cigarettes with the Geek Bar TOBACCO Meloso Mini Disposable Pod. With 20mg Nicotine Salt, you'll enjoy a unique and satisfying vaping experience. Buy now at your vape store in Spain!

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Disposable Pod Meloso Geek Bar in Spain and Europe

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Meloso Mini Disposable POD


600 inhalations

20 mg/ml of Nicotine Salts

Smoother throat hit and faster nicotine diffusion

Nicotine salts for vaping


Pod Desechable Geek Bar en España

by Geek Bar


The authentic smoked tobacco flavor of traditional cigarettes.


The Tobacco Geek Bar Meloso Mini disposable device gives you the authentic tobacco flavor experience of cigarettes in a convenient and portable format. Designed by one of the largest manufacturers in the world, Geek Bar, this disposable pod is specially created for lovers of the classic and distinctive flavor of tobacco.

With its exclusive Dual Mesh technology, the Meloso Mini Tobacco features a double mesh coil that dramatically enhances flavor and vapor production, giving you intense satisfaction with every inhale. Plus, its leak-proof design ensures a worry-free experience.

With a capacity of up to 600 flavorful draws and a 550mAh battery, the Geek Bar Meloso Mini Tobacco is a long-lasting option for your vaping needs. Its impressive finish, with a gradient color appearance and a metallic design at the bottom, makes it a stylish and sophisticated disposable device.

Enjoy the pleasure and convenience of the authentic flavor of cigarette tobacco with the Geek Bar Meloso Mini Tobacco. A perfect option for those looking for a simple vaping experience, without refills and with an incomparable flavor.

Geek Bar CLASSIC TOBACCO with nicotine presents an intense flavor with 20mg of nicotine salts, which will leave you satisfied quickly and will help you to quit smoking traditional tobacco. Nicotine salts allow you to vape nicotine with faster absorption, with less throat hit, improving your vaping experience for those who seek sensations similar to traditional cigarettes.

The new Geek Bars provide great flavor, impressive duration and a good throat hit.

Ideal to start vaping and quit smoking, the Geek Bar Disposable Pods provide you with a simple operation, you just have to take it out of the box and inhale through the mouthpiece without worrying about the load or the liquid refill, or leaks.

Once depleted, you can discard the pod.

 ♻️ Remember to recycle your disposable Pod at a clean point, it contains a battery and different reusable materials, the planet will thank you.

  Puffed by automatic suction, without buttons, just suck and savor your eliquid.


How long does a Geek Vape disposable pod last?

600 puffs* - Equivalent to approximately 40 cigarettes.

* The number of puffs is approximate, since it will depend on the duration and strength of each puff.



Pod Meloso Geek Bar in Spain

Geek Bar in Spain and Europe

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