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Halo Shake 'n' Vape 50ml en España

TORQUE 56 Shake 'n' Vape by Halo - E-liquid in BOOSTER 50ml format in Spain:

TORQUE 56 is a premium e-liquid without nuances that cloud the taste of tobacco in its pure state. TORQUE 56 Shake 'n' Vape SERIES with 0mg of nicotine, available to buy in your vaping shop in Europe.

Halo E-liquids and vaping aromas for electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

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TORQUE 56 E-liquid 50ml

Natural Tobacco

Shake 'n' Vape MIX SERIES Eliquid 50ml



Halo E-liquids and vaping aromas for electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

by Halo


Original aroma to prepare your own e-liquid available


TORQUE 56 from Halo: The best natural tobacco e-liquid without nuances.

You can not stop trying it !

Enjoy this incredible e-liquid of natural tobacco without nuances. In addition, all the power of TORQUE 56 provides a serious throat blow.

TORQUE 56 is tobacco in its purest state so you can enjoy it wherever you want!


TORQUE 56 Premium e-liquid from Halo, for an exclusive vaping experience


New format HALO Shake & Vape: The most famous manufacturer of e-liquids in the world finally comes out in 50 ml and 0 mg of nicotine.

TORQUE 56 Shake 'n' Vape in Chubby Graduated Bottle, 60ml capacity and filled with 50ml, in order to insert a nicotine of your choice with Nicokits.


What is a Nicokit and how to use it?

How to prepare a vaping e-liquid in BOOSTER format?

50ml Booster liquids contain 50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml capacity bottle, so that there is enough space to add 1 Nicokit.

Nicokits are 10ml bottles with different concentrations of nicotine dissolved in propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin up to a maximum of 20mg/ml.

Preparation for use without nicotine:

You can use it directly without diluting (it will have more flavor), or you can add one NicoKit 0mg nicotine or add 10ml of Base 0mg.

How to add nicotine to vaping e-liquids?


To obtain your e-liquid at 1.6 mg/ml add 1/2 (5ml) NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 3 mg/ml add 1 1 NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6 mg/ml add 2 NicoKits of 20 mg/ml

NicoKit to add Nicotine

(Click here)


Content: 50ml



Halo Shake 'n' Vape E-liquido formato BOOSTER 50ml en España


HALO Booster without nicotine: ready to add nicotine to your liking.


HALO premium liquids are produced and bottled in the United States using only USP Premium ingredients that guarantee a totally safe vaping experience.

Manufactured with aromas of the highest quality and using only the purest ingredients.

Do not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.

TORQUE 56 Shake 'n' Vape HALO MIX SERIES in plastic Chubby bottle with childproof closure.

Made in the USA


Halo Shake 'n' Vape E-liquido formato BOOSTER 50ml en España


E-liquids are highly sensitive to heat and light. For that reason we store the bottles in optimal conditions of light, temperature and humidity.

Liquids are also affected by extreme temperature changes: never leave liquids in your car on an extremely cold or hot day.


All the most famous Halo liquids available in 50ml Booster format (Click on the image):


Halo Shake 'n' Vape E-liquido formato BOOSTER 50ml en España



AROMA Concentrado by Halo


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Le agregaría un toque de garganta. Lo encuentro suave para mi gusto pero, eso si, el sabor es muy muy bueno e intenso. Vapvip excelente servicio. Atención telefónica excepcional.



    Buen precio y servicio rápido.\nMuy contento. \nRepetiré.



      el servicio es bueno y rapido. Me gustari unos precios más asequibles.




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