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RELX Essential

  • RELX Essential: All the essentials to vape at an incredible price. Works with pre-filled capsules for added convenience.
  • Available to buy in your vaping and electronic cigarette store in Spain, with immediate delivery throughout Europe.

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RELX Essential

Works with pre-filled capsules


350mAh battery


Replacement Glass Tank for this device available

* Note: this kit does not include capsules


RELX Essential: All the essentials at an incredible price.


Battery features 350 mAH for long-lasting daily use

The Essential uses the same RELX Pods as the RELX Infinity at a more affordable price.


RELX Essential uses Relx Pod Pro capsules in a wide variety of flavors and leak proof. Capsules are not included and must be purchased separately in order to vape.


Excellent choice for beginners and smokers in transition due to its ease of use, good performance and the satisfaction it produces.

Recharges in just 40 minutes.

Using the RELX Infinity is as easy as it sounds. You just need to take a capsule out of its packaging, remove the top and bottom silicone caps and plugs, insert it into the battery and inhale through the mouthpiece.


Hate leaks?

RELX Essential pods are leak resistant due to their new labyrinth coil design. The coil features 11 structural layers that prevent internal leakage and condensation for a safer vaping experience.


Super Smooth Technology

Combination of Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost technologies.

Super light: only 25 grams.

Winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2020.

RELX Pro leak proof capsules with a wide variety of flavors.

LED indicator

3 colors to choose from.


RELX Essential foto

RELX Essential vapeador



RELX Essential content


1 x RELX Essential Vape Device

1 x USB-C Cable

1 x Instruction manual



RELX Essential contenido



RELX Essential Technical Specifications



112 mm x 23 mm x 10 mm


350 mAh


25 grams

Charging time:

40 minutes


Automatic by inhalation

Capsule Material:

FEELM 3.0 Ceramic Coil

Capsule capacity:

1,9 ml

Capsule Weight:

7 grams

Capsule shelf life:

Approx. 500 puffs


USB type C


RELX Essential Especificaciones técnicas



RELX Essential Features


Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost:


The combination of Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost technologies provide excellent, smooth and hassle-free vaping. Plus, it's completely silent! the sound it produces is less than 10 decibels, the quietest device we have tested.



RELX Essential caracteristicas

 RELX Essential caracteristicas

 RELX Essential caracteristicas





Made of aluminum with only 25gr of weight.


RELX Essential caracteristicas





Flat mouthpiece very comfortable on the lips.


RELX Essential boquilla



RELX Pro Capsules:

Leak-proof: RELX Pro capsules incorporate RELX's Super Smooth technology and the latest ceramic capsule design with FEELM 3.0 technology. Eliquid contained under pressure below 0.3bar.


RELX Infinity boquilla a prueba de fugas


RELX Pro capsules insert smoothly due to the magnetic coupling and contain eliquid of a wide variety of flavors with 18mg / ml of nicotine salts, meeting the needs of smokers without scratching the throat.


RELX Infinity sabores


* This kit does not include capsules, they must be purchased separately.



Two device options to choose from:


You can choose between the RELX Essential, more basic and economical, or the more advanced RELX Infinity.


RELX Essential avanzado o el RELX Essential


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