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Xtar VC2 USB Kit Battery Universal Charger LCD Screen Expand

VC2 USB Charger with LCD by Xtar

Discover the VC2 USB Charger with LCD, the latest innovation from Xtar in the vaping world. It adapts to charge nearly all types of rechargeable batteries, auto-detecting and adjusting the current type. If you're looking for cutting-edge technology for your electronic cigarettes, this is the accessory you need. Purchase now and elevate your vaping experience!

VC2 by Xtar Spain and Europe

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Xtar VC2 USB charger with LCD


An intelligent charger for almost everything.

Able to charge 2 batteries simultaneously.

Identify the input power and automatically adjust the appropriate load current.

Three stages of charging (TC-CC-CV) to extend the life of your batteries.

The start of the charge is smooth and increases to avoid high current suddenly.

Integrated LCD panel that clearly shows the parameters and progress of the load.

Stops the load automatically when it is complete.

Identifies battered batteries in 10 minutes, short circuits and insertion errors.

Perfect heat dissipation and resistance to high temperatures.

Compatible with any USB and wall power adapter.

The 0V activation function can recover damaged batteries.

The light on the screen flashes when the batteries are full.

RoHS and CE certified.

We guarantee that this item is totally original of the Xtar brand.

CV2 Specifications:

Input voltage: DC 5.0V 1.0A

Output voltage: 4.20V ± 0.05V

Maximum constant current load: 500 ± 50 mA

Minimum constant load current: 150 ± 50 mA

Auto Recharge - Voltage threshold value: 3.9 ± 0.15V

Dimensions: 131mm × 66mm × 3mm

Weight: 109g (without batteries or power cord)

Compatible with: 10440/14500/14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18500/18650/18700/22650/25500/26650 3.6 / 3.7V Li-ion batteries

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

VC2, your great ally:

The USB VC2 charger tells you the real capacity of the battery.

It has an efficient and less aggressive charging method that prolongs the life of your batteries.

Powered by micro-USB.

IMR battery restoration

VC2 recognizes the type of battery and adapts the current from 0.1A to 0.5A in order to protect your device.

Safety first:

VC2 It has all the certificates that ensure an optimal and totally safe operation.

Also, when the batteries are fully charged, the screen light flashes 3 times every 10 seconds so you can remove them.

If the batteries are not removed at the end of charging, VC2 stops the charging process.

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

No more lack of information:

The LCD indicates in a visual way the load, the current battery voltage and the load capacity.

It is compatible with numerous batteries: 10440/14500 / 14650/16340/17500/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/18700/22650/25500/26650 3.6V / 3.7V lithium-ion batteries and IMR batteries.

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

Last generation technology:

You will no longer have doubts about the capacity of your batteries. Once you insert it, VC2 shows you the current status.

CV2 is smart, it identifies battered batteries in 10 minutes. In its LCD it identifies the batteries in bad condition or it is Ni-HM ("null"), short circuits and insertion errors ("Err").

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

No more overloads:

VC2 identifies the input power and automatically adjusts the appropriate load current from 0.1A to 0.5A in order to protect your device.

It has three stages of charging (TC-CC-CV) to extend the life of your batteries.

The start of the charge is smooth and increases to avoid high current suddenly.

It has a fireproof ABS shell with perfect heat dissipation and resistance to high temperatures.

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

Plug in, recover and reuse:

Compatible with any USB and wall power adapter. Within 5V the device is completely safe.

It has the 0V activation function that can recover damaged batteries. Normally you have to throw away those battered batteries, but with XTAR chargers you can rescue them and reuse them.

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

Box contents:

• 1 x Xtar VC2

• 1 x Micro USB cable

• 1 x Manual

• 1 x Warranty card

VC2 Xtar - Vapvip Europe

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* Important Note:

Never leave the charger running unattended or near items that can catch fire.

When not charging, it is highly recommended to disconnect the power.

Always charge batteries on a fireproof surface.

Make sure you have the knowledge necessary for the operations of charging, discharging, assembly and battery recycling.

Never modify, manipulate or wet batteries.

VapVip not responsible in any way for any injury, damage or defect, permanent or temporary caused by improper use of batteries or chargers.

Please make sure you have a basic knowledge of the batteries you are using and how to care for them properly

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