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TRIBECA (EPIC BLEND TOBACCO) Mix&Go Gusto Flavor 50ML by Chemnovatic

Discover the iconic taste of TRIBECA, a standout from the Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto range. Delight your senses with this vape e-liquid that blends classic tobacco with exquisite vanilla and caramel hints. Purchasing this unique experience is a must for aficionados of quality electronic cigarettes in Spain!

Aroma Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto Aromas en España 

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Mix&Go Gusto Concentrated aroma


by Chemnovatic


Aroma Mix&Go Chemnovatic TRIBECA (EPIC BLEND TOBACCO) Gusto:

Aroma flavored with the best-selling classic tobacco with notes of vanilla and caramel.


Chemnovatic Mix & Go Gusto: Range of vaping aromas with ultra fast maceration


The manufacturer recommends a 6% solution.

Maceration: instant using the Mix & Go bases. 21 days using normal bases.


Not suitable for vaping without mixing with a PG / VG base.


Aroma TRIBECA (EPIC BLEND TOBACCO) Mix & Go concentrate to be used mixed with a base of propylene glycol and / or Vegetable glycerin.

It does not contain nicotine.


Aroma Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto Aromas en España


TRIBECA (EPIC BLEND TOBACCO) aroma by Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto, is diluted in PG and packaged according to European Regulations, in 10ml PET bottles.

Stored between 4 ° and 16 ° C, this concentrated aroma can be stored for at least 1 year in its original container.

In compliance with regulation 1334/2008 / EEC.

Made in Poland according to EEC Standards

Does not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.


** Aroma TRIBECA (EPIC BLEND TOBACCO) 100% concentrated Chemnovatic Mix & Go not suitable for vaping directly without first mixing it with a PG / VG base.


Aroma Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto Aromas en España

Aroma Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto Aromas en España


Aromas Chemnovatic Mix&Go Gusto

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Chemnovatic: vaping bases for electronic cigarettes in Spain


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