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TABACO KING 3BK (tobacco with vanilla, caramel, and nuts) 50ml E-liquid by Freaks Blend

Experience the majesty of KING 3BK by Freaks Blend, a 50ml e-liquid that melds the authentic flavor of tobacco with sweet notes of vanilla, caramel, and nuts. Feel this blend that evokes tradition and luxury with every puff. Enrich your vaping routine and purchase this gem for your electronic cigarettes!

Freaks Blend E-liquid for electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

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(tobacco with vanilla, caramel and nuts)


The king of tobacco blends in French version.


Freaks Blend

Freaks Vape liquid and aromas



Balanced: 50%PG / 50%VG


KING 3BK by Freaks is a delicious tobacco liquid with vanilla, caramel and nuts that give it a sweet and smooth touch.


SIf you are looking for a vaping brand that offers you a unique experience, Freaks is your best option. Try them and be surprised by their delicious flavor and exceptional quality.

Freaks is the perfect brand for vaping lovers looking for an experience full of flavor and quality at a moderate price. With a wide variety of product ranges: Blends, Fifty, Sweet, Flavor, Freezy or Mint that cover more than 50 different flavors.

All Freaks liquids have their corresponding aroma in case you prefer to make your liquid (DIY) instead of buying it ready to vape.

Zero High Concentrate with a high concentration of aroma in liquids.


Freaks Blend E-liquid


Freaks Blend XXX liquid is produced in a 50ml liquid format, which always comes without nicotine. If you want the liquid with nicotine, you have to add Nicokits, which are 10ml bottles that come with 20mg of nicotine.


Liquid in BOOSTER format: Without nicotine

Contains 50ml of liquid in a bottle of 60ml capacity.

Preparation for use without nicotine:

You can use it directly without diluting (it will have more flavor), or you can add one NicoKit 0mg nicotine or add 10ml of Base 0mg.

Preparation if you want to add nicotine:


To obtain your e-liquid at 1.6 mg/ml add 1/2 (5ml) NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 3 mg/ml add 1 1 NicoKit of 18 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6 mg/ml add 2 NicoKits of 20 mg/ml

NicoKit to add Nicotine

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Freaks France now in Spain and all of Europe


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    Freaks e-liquids are the definition of excellence in the vaping world. Made with the best ingredients, these premium liquids offer an exceptionally satisfying vaping experience. From tobacco or menthol flavors to sweet and fruity, with a wide variety of flavors it is designed to satisfy all tastes. Try Freaks and discover why they are the preferred choice of the most demanding vapers.


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