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Discover the e-liquid TRIBECA LongFill 20/60ml Shake 'n' Vape by Halo. The world's most famous vaping liquid with a harmonious blend of smooth tobacco, vanilla, and caramel, offering an exceptional flavor experience. The blonde tobacco is skillfully flavored with vanilla, providing a smooth and creamy sensation with each inhale. As you enjoy the tobacco warmth, subtle caramel aromas add a sweet and delicious touch that gently glides across your palate. Tribeca is a choice that satisfies tobacco lovers seeking a slightly sweet twist.

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LongFill 20/60ml Shake 'n' Vape



Halo E-liquids and vaping aromas for electronic cigarettes in Spain and Europe

by Halo


The LongFill Tribeca flavor by Halo transports you to a world of elegance and sophistication. This liquid perfectly combines the classic flavor of mild tobacco with subtle notes of vanilla and caramel. Each puff envelops you in a cloud of smooth tobacco aroma, while undertones of vanilla give you a soft and comforting sweetness. Additionally, hints of caramel add a level of indulgence to this unique vaping experience. Tribeca is an ideal choice for those looking for a refined tobacco flavor with a sweet and creamy touch.

It is a very popular eliquid among vapers looking for a milder and less aggressive tobacco flavor than traditional tobacco liquids.


Halo LongFill


This product comes in LongFill format, which means it comes in a large 60ml bottle containing 20ml of liquid concentrate.

This leaves enough space in the bottle to add 4 nicokits and top up the liquid to the desired nicotine strength. This allows you to customize the nicotine level and achieve higher graduations than with the traditional 50 or 100ml ShortFill.


What are Nicokits and how to use them?

How to prepare a vaping liquid in LongFill format?

Preparing the liquid in LongFill format is a simple process and requires the following steps:

1.- Open the bottle and remove the cap and dropper.

2.- Add the 4 nicokits to the bottle to reach the desired graduation.

3.- Put the cap and the dropper back on the bottle and make sure it is tightly closed and shake the bottle for at least one minute to mix the ingredients well.

4.- You can vape it immediately, but it will be much more established after 2-3 days  to fully enjoy the flavor.

Remember to store the liquid in a cool, dark place to maintain its quality and flavor.


How to prepare a vaping liquid in LongFill format


Preparation for use WITHOUT nicotine:

You can add  4x nicoKits 0 mg/ml or add 40ml Base at 0mg.

Preparation for use WITH nicotine:

To obtain your e-liquid at 3,3 mg/ml of of nicotine add 1 NicoKit 20 mg/ml3 nicoKits 0 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 6,6 mg/ml of nicotine add 2 NicoKits 20 mg/ml2 nicoKits 0 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 10 mg/ml of nicotine add 3 NicoKits 20 mg/ml1 nicoKit 0 mg/ml

To obtain your e-liquid at 13,3 mg/ml of nicotine add 4 NicoKits 20 mg/ml 


NicoKit to add Nicotine

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