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New eGo AIO2 Vape Pen Kit 1700mAh by Joyetech

The new eGo AIO² by Joyetech is the evolution you were waiting for, with important improvements compared to the previous model. With a larger 1700mAh battery, faster USB-C charging at 1A, and a more modern design with new colors, this version takes your vaping experience to the next level.

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eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech

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eGo AIO2 Kit

eGo AIO V2 Vape Pen:

1700mAh battery, fast charging and 30W of power

Joyetech Vaping distributor in Spain and Europe

by Joyetech


Head Coils for this device availableHead Coils for this device available


Joyetech eGo AIO2 Vape Pen Kit 1700mAh: Cigarette-like vaping experience with notable improvements.

Equipped with a 1700mAh internal battery and a 2ml capacity for your e-liquid, it is compatible with all Joyetech BF series coils. Join us on a tour of its features and benefits.


Discover the easiest way to vape now with the best price!


Joyetech eGo AIO2 uses the new BFC Mesh Coil, but it is also compatible with the entire series of traditional BF coils.

1700mAh battery.

Leak-proof design with top air inlet.

Leak resistant technology.

Battery charging with USB type C at 1A in just 90 minutes.

LED charging and operating indicator in seven colors with the possibility of deactivation.

Very comfortable top filling with maximum e-liquid line

Child locking mechanism by combining pressure and rotation.

The eGo AIO² features a modern design that not only looks good but also enhances your vaping experience. The new colors allow you to express your personal style with elegance and sophistication.


The vaping experience similar to traditional cigarette.


eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



The eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech Includes:


1 x Joyetech eGo AIO2

1 x BFC Coil 0.8ohm

1 x Instruction Manual


Content eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech


eGo AIO2 Technical Specifications:



Length: 123 mm - Diameter: 19 mm


Includes 1700mAh internal battery



Head Coils:

BFC Mesh Coil or also the entire series of traditional BF coils.


Specifications eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech

eGo AIO2 Kit Parts by Joyetech



eGo AIO2 Features


An improved cigarette-like experience

The Joyetech eGo AIO2 Kit is the perfect choice for those looking for a cigarette-like vaping experience with notable improvements. Its 1700mAh internal battery guarantees a fast charging time of just one and a half hours, which means less waiting time and more vaping time.


eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



Innovative heating technology for optimal flavor

The eGo AIO²'s BFC Coils continue to offer smooth liquid entry and a long-lasting flavor experience. Its advanced liquid inlet design ensures consistent flow and exceptional flavor quality, while innovative heating technology provides optimal flavor with every puff.


eGo AIO2 Kit Heating Technology by Joyetech



Long-lasting performance and unmatched flavor

The BFC Coil coil maintains exceptional flavor even after multiple refills, ensuring a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. This feature allows you to enjoy your device to the fullest without worrying about loss of flavor.


exceptional flavor eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech

Mesh coil eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



Full compatibility with Joyetech BF/BFC Coils

The eGo AIO² is compatible with all BF series coils, meaning you can further customize your vaping experience. Plus, the latest BFC resistance is compatible with older eGo series batteries, expanding your options.


Full compatibility with eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech resistors



Monitor your battery elegantly

The eGo AIO V2 kit comes with a seven-color LED indicator so you can easily monitor your battery level, giving you a clear and quick view of the charge level. You'll always know when it's time to charge your device.

To change the default color of the LED, in the off position, press and hold the eGo AIO2 button to change the light color between red, purple, yellow, white, blue, cyan or green. You can also deactivate the light by pressing one more time.


LED indicator eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



Ease of use and no leaks

The e-liquid is refilled easily and without complications by pressing and unscrewing the top cap. In addition, it has a child locking mechanism to ensure safety at all times.


eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



Refilling liquid in the Ego AIO2

Press down and twist the top of the atomizer to remove the cap.

Add the liquid directly into the tank up to the mark.

Do not exceed the mark to avoid overflow when reassembling the lid.


eGo AIO2 Liquid Refill Kit by Joyetech



Safe and practical design

The eGo AIO2's 2ml tank features a child-lock mechanism that requires a twist and push to open, ensuring safety at all times


eGo AIO2 Kit child lock by Joyetech


In addition, the top plug also functions as an airflow control ring, allowing you to adjust the amount of air according to your preferences. Regulating the air intake and puff hardness on the eGo AIO2 is as easy as turning the top:

To achieve the greatest air intake, you simply have to join the two points that are engraved on the device.

Turning 90 degrees to the left or right will close the air inlet.


airflow control eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



More battery for longer vaping time

One of the most notable improvements to the eGo AIO² is its 1700mAh battery, which is up from the previous 1500mAh version. This means you'll enjoy more vaping time between each charge, allowing you to enjoy your device for longer without worry.


1700mAh battery eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech



Fast charging with USB-C at 1A

Charging the eGo AIO² is faster and more efficient than ever, thanks to its USB-C port and a charging current of 1A. With just an hour and a half of charging, you'll be ready to enjoy your vaping again. This means less time waiting and more time vaping.


Fast charging with USB-C eGo AIO2 Kit by Joyetech


Vaping Tips


Depending on the vaping form and density of e-liquid used, sometimes the coil can become flooded, producing a sizzling and splashing fluid in the mouth. The solution is to remove the upper block, surround the coil with an absorbent paper and blow hard several times through the nozzle so that the excess liquid out of the coil. To prevent these floods, you can try to close the air intake so you spend less liquid to the coil.

Sometimes the device will not detect the coil and when the button is pressed flashing light and does not work. This may be because the base of the coil do not make proper contact with the battery. To facilitate contact, simply pinch slightly and take half a millimeter the metal pin (the metal part that is surrounded by a white rubber) at the bottom of the coil.



Before using this pod for the first time, we recommend filling with e-liquid and waiting 5 minutes with a full tank so that the cotton of the coil is completely moistened before using it.

In this way, you avoid dry burn and strange flavors.


Video Joyetech eGo AIO2 Kit

Type of deviceKit Compact
Atomizer diameter19mm
Liquid capacity2ml
Inhalation typeMTL (Mouth to lung)
Air flowAdjustable
Air intakeUpper air intake
anti-leak atomizerAnti-leakage design
Type of spare parts (Coils)Interchangeable Coils
Regular CoilAvailable
Mesh CoilAvailable
Drip tip510
Maximum power30W
Battery TypeInternal
Internal Battery Capacity1700mah Internal
Control typeElectronic
ActivationBy push button
Charging port typeUSB type-C
Bonus FeaturesLight weight
Complexity levelBeginner level

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