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LEMON KUSH Terpene-infused Flavor - Marie Jeanne in Spain

Discover the concentrated LEMON KUSH Terpene-infused Flavor by Marie Jeanne, for a more authentic marijuana taste. Experience the essence of cannabis in your vaping sessions. This cannabis flavor is available for purchase at your electronic cigarettes store in Spain, with immediate delivery. Immerse yourself in the CBD experience today!

Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe 

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Aroma LEMON KUSH with Terpenes

no THC or CBD



by Marie Jeanne

 E-liquid already prepared from this aroma available


Flavor LEMON KUSH Concentrate

Discover this variety of cannabis and its typical flavor with spicy citrus notes and a slight earthy flavor


he manufacturer recommends a 15-20% dissolution.

Recommended maceration: 2-4 days.


Not suitable for vaping without mixing with a PG / VG base.


Concentrated aroma to be used mixed with a base with a high concentration of propylene glycol: 80%PG/20%VG or 70%PG/30%VG.

It does not contain nicotine.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Marie Jeanne Cannabis aromas are created with terpenes from certified hemp grown in Europe, which makes LEMON KUSH taste more authentic.

Marie Jeanne produces unique creations made of the best quality hemp subjected to molecular extraction procedures that guarantee a high quality product and do not harm the environment.

All sensory and perceptual profiles are carefully designed in the Marie Jeanne LEMON KUSH, with a selection of natural scents to ensure the best possible flavor reproduction and vaping experience.

The plants are harvested entirely by hand. Only flowers that meet strict quality criteria are selected. Then comes a natural drying process at temperatures below 35 ° C. Once the hemp flowers have dried, the extraction process can begin.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


The terpenes that are used to make Marie Jeanne scents are brittle and therefore should not be vaped at too high a temperature. On average, the ideal temperature to vaporize these liquids is 180 ° C. This is also the temperature at which propylene glycol evaporates, which explains why a high PG ratio is recommended, with a PG/VG ratio of around 80/20.

To reach this ideal temperature of 180 ° C, it is best to vape at no more than 15 W for optimal performance. Therefore, you need suitable equipment to vape with coils around 1 ohm.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Terpenes are organic compounds, they are present in a variety of plants and contribute to their taste, smell and color. They interact synergistically with cannabinoids to create what scientists call a "courtship effect" that enhances the effects of individual plant components.

The supercritical CO2 extraction method used by Marie Jeanne is a clean and extremely accurate procedure. It is done at low temperature and high pressure, so that cannabinoids can be extracted and isolated. In this way, the naturally present flavonoids are separated and extracted without leaving any residue.

This cold extraction method isolates all active odor molecules without any alteration.

Marie Jeanne scents are made from high-quality terpenes extracted only from Sativa L hemp varieties authorized by French and European regulations.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are highly aromatic natural compounds found in plants and provide the characteristic flavor and smell.

What is the best setting to vape Marie Jeanne aromas?

During vaping, watts determine the heat that is produced in the resistance (coil). The higher the watts, the more heat is generated. It is very important to match the watts of the battery to the resistance.

We recommend using a coil that allows you to vape around 15 watts with coils around 1ohm to enjoy the best possible flavor. Vaping above 40 watts can alter the flavor that terpenes generate.


Full spectrum extraction preserves all the molecules present in the used parts of the plant. In this way, we preserve the natural interactions between these different molecules: a phenomenon known as the 'entourage effect'.

The result is a vape experience that is as natural as possible, with all the original flavor of the plant.


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe

Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


Marie Jeanne LEMON KUSH aroma is produced and bottled in France using only USP Premium ingredients that guarantee a totally safe vaping experience.

It does not contain: sugar, gluten, genetically modified organism or diacetyl.


Made in France


Marie Jeanne e-liquid CBD Cannabidiol from Marijuana in Spain Europe


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Cogollo fresco

El sabor es como huele un cogollo fresco con matizes de limòn.No es como el sabor del humo de un petardo.mezclando se consigue acertar identico.Agradable aroma muy vegetal intenso.

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