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Experience the enveloping sensation of the NicoKit Atmos Lab 20mg/ml MIST, an e-liquid crafted for an unparalleled vaping journey. Boost your bases and liquids with 20mg/ml of top-quality nicotine and immerse in peak vaping delight. Purchase now and redefine your electronic cigarette moments.

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NicoKit: Atmos Lab MIST





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by Atmos Lab


Atmos Lab MIST Nico-Booster is a Nicokit with a base at 20mg/ml of nicotine

To add to your bases or liquid Booster and provide them with nicotine.


Nicotine adds to the e-liquid the famous "throat punch" which achieves a greater resemblance to the sensation produced by the traditional cigarette.


Preparation if you want to add nicotine to your bases or liquids:

NicoKit table to add Nicotine


You can add nicotine to your liking to your bases or e-liquids.

NicoKit to add nicotine

Made with USP Premium ingredients that guarantee a totally safe vaping experience.

NicoKits with nicotine are highly sensitive to heat and light. For that reason we store the bottles in optimal conditions of light, temperature and humidity.

Made in Greece.


Atmos Lab en España


We recommend that you strictly follow the safety warnings on nicotine listed here.

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Here you can purchase the Atmos Lab e-liquid in Europe. AtmosLab distributor and sale in Spain. Online sale.

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